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Connect+ PRO

Getting headphones for your children is a hassle as there are numerous options in the market. Anyone can get clouded with all the functionalities, features and requirements for a gadget. You go through comfort levels and ease of use but you may miss out on the technical details. Finding the sweet spot that will cater to your child’s comfort and quality of sound is a daunting task. With this in mind, LilGadgets has come up with an innovation that will enable you to make a decision with your eyes closed. These modern and sleek headphones are perfect for children above the age of 6. They have an attractive look and they feel easy to wear.

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The Connect+ Pro Kids is made with research and experimenting with customer requirements. The brand has filed for a patent that would make this design all exclusive to LilGadgets. The design has won numerous awards as it padded, light in weight and over the ear for premium usage. Metal extenders are incorporated in the design to make the gadget sturdy and robust for extensive usage. Usually, children play roughly with their headphones, and Connect+ Pro will withstand the wear and tear of getting tossed around. Furthermore, this revolutionary device has SharePort technology that will keep multiple headphone users in synchronization.

Unique Features

Some features set this headphone apart from its competitors. The need to have your children and their friends listening to the same song is rarely addressed by headphone companies. But LilGadgets encourages children playing with their friends and ensuring that all of them are connected with the SharePort technology that lets multiple headphones connect in a cluster. The need for a splitter has also been eliminated, as the wire could be directly connected to the outlet on the left headphone.

Usable Pouch
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When your child wants to travel and take his headphones along, the bags are essential to making sure the headphones stay secure. The microfiber carrying pouch has been tailor-made to store the headphones and it can be carried around easily at it is light in weight. LilGadgets has also catered to the need of longer connecting wire, as it provides a 48-inch cable that will let your child be at a distance from the device. With this distance, the effects of eye strain would reduce, giving your child a comfortable watch time.
Moving on, this gadget is robust and will stand the test of time. The material used for the making of this gives it a plush finish. The internal is made with high-quality polycarbonate. The bold metal deco plate and reinforced stainless-steel extenders make it look fancy but withstand any external force. The beautiful over the ear design that fits perfectly on every head type makes it desirable for most customers. You can use the extenders to set it for the size of your youngster’s head and let it sit perfectly on the top. The ear cushioning is built to give your youth a comfortable experience so they can listen to their favorite music or watch an intense movie for longer periods of time.

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Comfortable and Award-Winning Design

Making headphones that will look attractive and offer comfort simultaneously is a difficult task. The Connect+ Pro offers that with its sleek look and soft feel. The shiny look of metal deco plates makes it shimmer, making it look extravagant for children. The vibrant colors also attract children and give an aesthetically pleasing look. The soft rubber cushioning protects your child’s ear and ensures that your children get a surround sound, filtering out outside noise. The comfortable headband can easily sit over your little one’s head to protect the headphone from falling or sliding over the side. As children are active and move around while using their gadgets, this device will be stick to their heads and give them a seamless experience. Furthermore, the volume buttons on the side make it immensely easy for little hands to navigate and use. With most headphones, the kids these days use they get sweaty and the experience is ruined. On the other side with Connect+ Pro the outer layer is made to absorb sweat and make it less sticky to give an enhanced experience. The SoftTouch fabric is made especially for this gadget which will not only make it look modern but feels soft.

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The Connect+ Pro is a foldable headphone set that makes it easier to carry and decreases the chances of it breaking. It folds easily over its hinges and can be reopened very easily. As the hinges are reinforced and tested multiple times, it will work effectively till the headphones last. You can also detach the cable so the wires do not get intertwined and make it a hassle for the next use. The cable can be stored separately in the pouch and the headset folded and placed in the sleeve of the pouch making it easy to carry.

Lastly, it weighs only 10.4 ounces, so your child can carry it around without any issue and wear it for an extended time period. The convenient folding design makes it desirable for customers.

Quality of Sound

The sound quality is the essential part of any headphones and LilGadgets has made sure that this is listed in the top tier. The balanced sound through both the headphones make for a pleasurable experience. As children have sensitive ears, the volume has been limited to a maximum of 93 decibels so your children stay safe. The frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz making it audible for all sounds. The bass enhancement makes the headset suitable for music and even watching movies. The impedance is only limited to 32 ohms, so to make the audio clearer. 40 mm drivers make for rendering clear in-ear sound receiving.

Often times, the quality of sound drops if the noise interference gets too much. The Connect+ Pro uses passive noise reduction to give the child a smooth and crisp music quality. The clarity in the sound can be heard through various channels for different frequency ranges, making this headset exemplary. Moreover, the premium cable makes sure that all signals are transmitted without any losses for the speaker to output. The use of properly insulated cable ensures, that no external interference causes signals to disrupt which results in the actual sound transmitted.

Lastly, the enhancement of pitch leads it to give an impressive sound that will make its user feel in music heaven.

Connectivity and Accessibility

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Connect+ Pro by LilGadgets is a revolutionary product that has modern connectivity and all the latest technology to keep your offspring connected. The SharePort technology lets multiple headphones connect with the same source without any splitters. Everyone can listen to the same thing without any hassle, as you just need to connect its cable to the main headphone’s outlet. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can plug it in with your mobile or your tablet to allow your kids to listen to music or watch movies. You can also connect it with the 3.5 mm jack on your laptop or CD player so your children vibe with their favorite songs.
Moreover, you can use it with your audiobooks so your loved ones can stay intellectual and hungry for more knowledge. Use it while you are traveling in your car or you are sunbathing on a lazy Sunday.


Overall, the Connect+ Pro by LilGadgets is an economical headphone that gives a premium hearing experience. The design is a standout as it is comfortable and looks fancy giving it a stylish look. The phenomenal sound quality makes it superior over its competitors while its noise cancellation features provide an interference-free experience.

Connect+ PRO









  • Multiple listeners can hear the same music or the same audio for a seamless group experience
  • The sound adjustment makes it comfortable for a listener and gives them a seamless experience
  • The award-winning design makes it easy to wear throughout the day
  • The SoftTouch fabric gives its user’s skin a light touch so they do not get tired of listening to their favorite music
  • Folding mechanism makes it easier to carry around with lesser chances of breaking


  • The cable might wear out over time so it will have to be replaced
  • The limited audio volume might be a downside for people who like to listen to their music with higher volume
  • If the hinges are overused, they may deplete over time making it a hassle

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