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Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphones

It used to be, that you could have the best-sounding headphones (meaning for audiophiles), or the best wireless headphones. Wireless technology usually did not match with the highest possible quality of sound. Drop & THX are trying to change this paradigm with their Panda wireless headphones.

Drop and THX used quite a new way to finance their product. They raised the campaign on the IndieGoGo. Fortunately, their effort was successful and now we can enjoy Hidef quality even with the wireless headphones. But let’s go step by step.

Drop THX Panda headphones
Panda bottom view

Sound of Panda

As founders and creators claim, the sound is on the audiophile quality, this will be the first feature we want to see (oh I am joking, “to listen to”). Yes, it is like you may expect. Sound is much better than you can have with other wireless headphones. Sound is balanced and clear in all treble, mid, and bass. Using these wireless headphones you can enjoy your music as you used to with audiophiles headphones without any compromises. Those who are accustomed to havier bass may find Panda to be more gentle. But it is also more precise. This is in my opinion better.

It is good to mention for a high-quality experience your source must have LDAC or APTX HD. Without them is Panda just one more headphone.

Drop THX Panda
Protein leather cups

Design and Comfort

Panda offers a closed-back design and uses protein leather. Thanks to them, passive noise canceling is really on a high level. They do not use ANC (active noise canceling). For those who wore Sony WH-1000XM4, this can be disappointing, but one must choose between high quality of sound, or a device full of features. What really can disappoint us is the comfort of the padding. I am not saying it is completely bad. But for a long time wearing headphones, may not be so comfortable.

Connectivity and Features

These headphones are featureless. As mentioned before, they do not have ANC and also do not have “nice-to-have” features. If you expect the audiophile quality this is fine for you.

To connect Panda with the source, they use Bluetooth 5.0. The range is good for listening to the music in the room and it is 30 ft (10 m). Battery life is excellent. With 30+ hours you almost forget to recharge them. For the high-end sound is responsible THX AAA amplifier. Creators put a big effort into building an intuitive control scheme. They were even in touch with the community for this. And I think they made a good job. Panda also has two built-in microphones.

Drop THX Panda headphones
Drop THX Panda


Drop + THX Panda wireless headphones are top-notch in the field of wireless. They are the first of their kind so I am very optimistic about the future of wireless headphones in audiophile quality. For those who want to listen to high-quality music and want to free themself are these headphones great choice. On the other side if you are a feature seeker, then maybe Sony WH-1000XM4 is a better choice.


  • Audiophile sound
  • Battery life of 30+ hours


  • You need to bear in mind your source must have LDAC or aptx HD for highest performance
  • Lack in comfort

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