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History Of Noise Canceling

Dave! Dave!! Dave!!! … It went on and on until his mother lost the count and ran upstairs to find out what exactly was wrong. She opened the door to his room and her surprise; Dave wasn’t asleep but was engrossed in the music he was listening to.
She stood at the entrance watching for some minutes and then called her son but yet he didn’t answer. She moved closer and touched him, and at that very moment, Dave removed the wireless headphone he had on, and he asked his mum when exactly she entered the room.
She narrated the whole story of how she called his name several times without any response and ran upstairs to his room to find out that which was going on.
Unknown to Dave, he got a noise canceling headphone, and after the second experience he had while commuting through the train, he was more interested to find out why he wasn’t able to hear anything around him whenever he has his headphone on his ears.
As soon as Dave got into the train, he paired his mobile device with his headphone, Dave got lost in the groove of the music he was listening to, and that led to been taken farther from where he should drop. By the time he got over the ecstatic of the music, he had realized been in another world entirely and had to get a train back to where he was going to.
I’m the Dave, and after I got back to my residential apartment, I was more interested to find out more about the headphone and what exactly makes it different from others I’ve used in past time. It was then I noticed I got a noise canceling headphone.
Noise canceling headhones

Where It All Began

I had to make some finding of the innovation of noise-canceling headphones, and I found out it all started in the plane in the 19th century in the year 1978. There was a man called Dr. Amar Bose who was known to be a sound engineer, MIT professor and the founder of the popular Bose Corporation.
He was in the plane flying from the USA to Switzerland, and he was offered headphones by the airplane attendant to listen to music on the flight. He appreciated the kind gesture from the staff but couldn’t enjoy the music because of the constant noise from the airplane engines.
He could barely hear anything, and it was there the idea of creating a noise canceling headphone pops up in his mind in which he brought a paper to see if he could come up with a design and the rest is history today.

noise canceling

Active Noise Canceling First Patent

The idea behind the innovation of noise canceling headphone is to get rid of unwanted sound, and the method is called Active noise reduction system (ANR). Surprisingly it was this system that Bose dwell on to make his invention successful.
In the year 1936, the use of the patent for noise control system was approved to an inventor called Paul Lueg U.S. Patent 2,043,416. The control system shows how to cancel sinusoidal tones in ducts by phase-advancing the wave produced and got rid of unwanted sound in the region around the loudspeaker by inverting the polarity.

Where Was The First Place To Use Noise Canceling Headphones?

Well, since the idea behind the creation of the noise canceling headphone erupts during Bose airline flight to Switzerland, the first noise canceling headphone was used by two pilots in the airplane. Although it wasn’t available for commercial use, they were the first to test out the experiment.
Exactly eight years after Dr. Bose came up with the idea of designing noise-canceling headphones, there was a record that two pilots make use of noise canceling headphone in one of the longest flight which lasted for nine days 3 minutes and 44 seconds in the year 1986 from December 14th to 23rd. It was said that the headphones were used by the two pilots to increase their endurance level and minimize the noise from the airplane engines and no other person, but Dr. Bose created it.

Noise Canceling Headphones Development And Recognition

Over the years noise canceling headphone has garnered much recognition and attention because of the benefits it offers. Since the innovation of the first noise-canceling headphones from Bose Company, there have been lots of useful products from the company, and they’ve welcomed lots of competition from companies such as Sony, Philips, Bowers and Wilkins, Sennheiser, beats and many more.
If you are in search for the best headphone to enjoy your music without giving room for external noise to disrupt your music, noise canceling headphone is the right choice for you. With significant numbers of products in the market, you can do well by checking some of our products review to choose the one that is of interest to you.

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