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Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones review

For small head people and new parent, finding a headphone is a pain in the neck. Poor quality, sub-standard headphones cause lots of hearing issues. As per the latest reports, 20-percent of the American teenagers are suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. The main culprit behind this type of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise and increased repeated exposure to loud music.

Kids of today are getting smartphones, tablets, and other media, and spending lots of time listening to music and other videos through the headphones. For parents, it is hard for parents to control the volume level while listening to music and other exposure to the media. It is very difficult to be sure that they are always listening to music at a safe volume.


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  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 6.1 x 2.59 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • 85dB-limited range as per health organization recommendations
  • Offers studio-grade audio quality
  • 4.0 Bluetooth pairs with iPhone and Android devices
  • 82-percent background noise cancellation
  • Battery lasts 20-hours
  • Deep base
  • 30-days money-back guarantee (with one-year full warranty)

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General Overview

Pure Sound Labs are dedicated to manufacturing headphones that sound good and protect your hearing at the same time. This is one of the most credible Bluetooth headphones for smaller head people. Experts strongly recommend using puro sound labs bt2200 headphones for younger listeners, as they follow health organization recommendation the volume should not go above 85db, it helps them to get amusement and avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

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For an on-ear design, the BT2200 headphones offer an impressive amount of noise reduction. When I tested the noise reduction through the tunes after connecting my MacBook Pro, the headphones completely blocked-off the outer noises, kitchen dishwashing noises. And as long as the experience of outdoor noises goes, the headphones block them off as easily as indoor. The ambient sound of a dog barking, wind, children and other outdoor playing were blocked off.

I took off my five years old daughter for a card ride on the freeway with all the windows down and she listened to the music, at the end when I asked her for reports, he was never bothered of anything.

Design and Comfort

The kid’s headphones come in a plethora of colors; you can choose between blue, gray, pink, purpose and white. These headphones are the best suit for the little kids who need to be tricked into wearing kids’ headphones. There is nothing special about the design other than smaller dimensions that showcase that the product is designed for kids. The ear cups look like on-ears, but for young kids they are circumaural. The earpads and headbands are good cushioned, and the ear pads are designed to reduce the unwanted outer noise in the room and outdoor. The cups of the headphones fold down flat quite easily and zip-up protective case. There are integrated mic and on-ear control on the left of the ear cups to control volume, Bluetooth and power. The headphones lack the navigation button, which is a glaring downside but parents love this absence as it offers limited control access for kids.

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The headphones can also be used in a wired mode and come with a cable. But the cable lacks the inline remote, which is another downside, but not for kids’ headphones. The cable looks stylish and cool, the latest-designed black cable limited the volume to 85db. This feature ensures safe loud music for your kids in wireless mode or cable.

They are nicely cushioned and take away gravity exerted by the ear cups on kids’ ears. When you wear headphones, and after using them for a while you will feel like your earlobes are getting hot. This is because of gravity pressure from the ear cups. With the innovatively designed Eearbands of these headphones, the gravity pressure is taken out.

Sound Quality

With sub-bass music, such as Knife’s ‘Silent Shout’, the headphones render impressive low end. So, if you love listening to deep bass music, and want something impressive designed, the BT2200 will surely go to blow you away with its sound quality. The best thing is, as the volume never goes beyond 85db, and even at this level, the music never distorts and render full-sounding low-frequency response.

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On the other hand, digital signal processing can be a little overwhelming. The headphones limit the volume in such a way that it sounds like the music is dipping. That’s not a big issue, this is how the kids’ headphones are designed. If you are going to limit the music volume, the digital signal processing route will help you prevent the distortion but the dynamics will be squashed. On the other hand, the digital signal processing free route will sound less full and lead to sound distortion. You can say in plain English, the kid-friendly headphones are built on some level of sonic compromise; these headphones can be an issue if your kid is an avid music lover or purist. Like any other pair of puro sounds labs, the pair is easy enough to listen to and enjoy music.


Connectivity can be one of the most important features to consider while buying a quality headphone. With a price point of under $80, you should be getting crowd thing for your kid. My experience with the headphones was great; I experienced no audio dropout when listening to any volume-limited of sources within the estimated range. When unboxing, you will have to charge the battery using the USB cable that comes with the package. The battery stands as long as 18-hours without any single glitch. We conducted the battery tests and it passes with flying colors.

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This volume-limited headphones really stand out in the crowd when it comes to comparing children’s headphones. The answer would be how we can raise up the next generation if everyone has hearing damage before 18. The headphones do a great job of protecting your children’s precious hearing while making them learn what a good sound like.

Yes, there are other low priced volume-limiting headphones hitting the world, but these are strongest and appeals kids due to their robust, stylish design.

These headphones are built to the long-last and inspiring price of ownership along with protecting your child with delivering smooth seamless music listening experience.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200









  • Built-in volume limiting
  • Active 82-percent noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Users can use it wireless or wired


  • Expensive
  • Poor mic
  • DSP can be obvius at high volume

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