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QCY T5 Earbuds Review

QCY is a brand that was estimated in 2009. They focused on technology, design, and innovation. Their effort led to cooperation with big companies like Motorola, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Murata, and mainly Xiaomi. For us as a consumer, it means good quality for the achievable price. QCY made several earbuds in T-category. Let’s see, how is doing the main AirPods competitor in this QCY T5 earbuds review.

QCY T5 earbuds
QCY T5 Mono Mode

Overview of T5

QCY T5 has a lot of features and good quality. With the price under 50 USD, it makes them affordable for a wide range of people. The battery lasts for about 5 hours and the charging case may expand its life to 25 hrs. Using T5 is intuitive and ready for daily routine.

What You Receive With QCY T5 True Wireless

  • Pair of Earphones
  • Charging Dock
  • Charging Cable
  • Manual


  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 4.38 g
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC

Design and battery

Its weight is 4,38 g. This is pretty much low and it is comfortable enough when you wear them. Pads are fitting in the ears good. You do not drop them even if you shake or make fast movements. T5 is comfortable. After hours of wearing them, I forgot I have them. What is surprisingly great is the battery life. 4 hours for this price range is really great. The charging case also may expand its value to 25 hours. And I used one little hack. At work, I can have only one earpad in the ear. When you drop one earpad to the charging case, the other one switches to mono. Thanks for this, while one earpad is charging, another is in my ear.

QCY T5 earbuds
QCY T5 review

Connectivity and control

T5 has straight and simple control. Play or pause the music, next song, volume and there is one specialty. When typing three times, you switch to game mode. In this mode, T5 offers low latency. It makes them suitable for games and also for watching TV.

On the other hand, connectivity is at a higher level. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 they pair almost instantly and hold for 10 m. The range of course varies according to walls and other obstacles. QCY T5 is compatible with iPhone and Android and also Windows.

QCY T5 Earbud
QCY True Wireless

Sound and its quality

The sound is good. For this price level. If you do not expect audiophile headphones, but replace them for Apple AirPods, you will be just fine. For speech, making calls, and podcasts you do not hear the difference. If you want to listen to music it is OK (for this price level). The bass is a bit heavier and deeper. Mids may not you satisfy fully, but the overall experience is satisfactory.

QCY T5 Earbuds



  • Long battery life
  • Fast connectivity
  • Gaming mode with low latency
  • Stereo/Mono switching


  • Volume is low
  • Sometimes it is hard to find the ear tips which fit your ears

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