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Shure SE846 Review – Sound Isolating™ Earphones

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  • The earphones are durable when taken good care of. Wear and tear may be experienced on the cables but because they are detachable, they can be replaced when damaged.

  • Sound quality is great, especially it’s bass.

  • The SE846 also has a great mid-range texture and detail making sound quality more finite.


  • Many may complain about the high price point but its many components and engineering may justify the price.

  • The earphones have a conservative treble that is not appealing.

  • It is difficult to find great sources that will match up to the quality of the device.

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Buying earphones can be a daunting task. This is because too many variables go into choosing the right one. The variables range from the type of sound quality to the features the earphones offer. Not everyone is able to understand the technical aspects of earphones. They include sound frequency and quality among other technicalities. Majority of buyers stick to quality, durability and price point of the earphones.

As confusing and technical as the variables may be, they are important. Especially when choosing the right earphones for you. Price point and durability put aside, one understands the actual components they are paying for.

The SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones is a true ambassador of high-end variables. It is an earphone that can carry you towards the kind of finesse you would want to get from such a gadget. As the epitome of the industry, let’s not focus on high price point ranging between $799 to $899. It is paramount to understand what you’re paying for. This is the reason for going through the variables.

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Aggregate Overview

The SE846 Sound Isolating earphone is a high-end piece of gadget. It’s made for professional users who love their music. They include musicians, music producers and composers. This does not mean the device is not meant for you. It’s created for users who love and appreciate their music.

It is the best of other Shure Inner Ear Monitor (IEM) line. They are a world-class earphone among other bests in the industry. They carry a superb bass punch for an earphone. Making them unique and preferable to headphones. Headphones emit low frequencies given their bulkiness. It is something that is hard to experience with earphones because of leaking sound.

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Design and Comfort

One important factor is that the design has a patent hence, no other organization can use the design. Only Shure can use the patented design like it has in the E- series. Carrying that kind of uniqueness around is an advantage. It sets you apart from the majority of other brand users.

Through its bulky design, the SE846 is able to fit in four Hi-Definition Micro drivers. These enhance sound clarity. The design mechanism allows the user to wear the end chord over the ear. This offers the user with some sense of comfort. It also limits gravity or tension exerted on the earbuds. Thus, they remain in place and ensure no sound is leaking out.

On first glance, you realize that the company has impressive engineering. All placed inside a transparent plastic shell. Especially when you see the combined four balanced armature drive units. They work in a three-way configuration inclusive of twin bass drivers. The twin bass drivers have a clever tuning system. The system has the ability to extend to low-end responses significantly.

The SE846 filters is interchangeable between three varieties. The sound filters help the user modify sound signatures. They come in the form of tubes and allow you to have three distinct sound settings. These are a warmer sound, flat frequency response, or boost sound brightness for higher frequencies. That is if that’s the kind of sound signature you prefer.

In-ears are effective by how well they fit between the device and the ear canal. The SE846 comes with a variety of earbuds to give the user the best choice of fit. You are able to plug in each pair and see which best fit you. The essence is to avoid any sound leakages and seal the entry of the ear canal only accessible to the device.

The wrap around signal cable is extra stiff towards the headphone. The purpose is to give it more security against wear and tear. It also helps with the mechanism to wrap around the ear. The cable wound in a thread and coated with plastic to avoid threading. It is detachable from the headphone thus replaceable when damaged. Having the chord and ear shell that is transparent gives the device a unique look. One could see all components.

The earphones may not look glamorous. Some say it is bulky but ultimately, they are one of the most comfortable in-ears in the industry. These are what are the Quad Hi-Definition Micro Drivers. Sound transmission offers high-end clarity.

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Sound Quality

At the sort of price range that you get Shure’s SE846, you expect that the sound quality should be close to perfect. That’s exactly what you get! The uniqueness of the earphones is on the deep-end performance of Shure’s True Sub-woofer. The technology is also found in other brands of Shure’s headphones. The sound quality is possible because of Shure’s groundbreaking low-pass filter. The filter offers the user with a warmer smooth presentation.

As a bass earphone, they offer a tremendous bass and mid-range quality. The quality is likely to get you through an awful lot of power and authority. Without any hint of unbalanced tones in its lower registers. The changeover between bass and mid-ranges are perfect. The separation and texturing of the mids are tremendous.

The bass performance is got through its driver arrangement. The combination of a three-way speaker system plus a sub-woofer does the trick. The utilization of its low-pass filter limits frequencies the “sub” driver needs to deliver. Hence, it concentrates on the frequencies it needs to produce.

The treble is quite conservative. Especially when used with the source without a dedicated amplifier. A polite treble is definitely something to consider when purchasing earphones. Note that the interchangeable filters may mess with the balance between the bass and the mid-ranges. But also, despite the imbalance, what matters is your preference. Some users may hope for the softer and warmer bass filter while other would go for the “brighter” tone filter.

Some people may say that the earphones have an awkward fit in the ear. But the earplugs have sleeves made from foam and flex sleeves making it comfortable. The sleeves create a good sound seal. It guarantees to block out most of the external interference sounds. Sounds likely to interfere with sound quality coming from your device.

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Connectivity and Features

Connectivity is an important feature to consider when purchasing earphones. Especially when they are at a higher price point like the Shure’s SE846. Connectivity is essential to the number of devices the earphone is able to connect to. The SE8646 has a detachable cable that has a 3.5mm jacks on both ends. This kind of pin is standard in the market. Gadgets like phones, tablets and other devices are fit with 3.5mm sockets for the pins. The detachable feature makes it efficient for compatibility and maintenance. For instance, when the cable gets damaged, only that component is replaceable rather than purchasing the entire unit.

The detachable cable system allows many connectivity options. These include a volume adjust knob, 3.5mm communication cable or an in-line sound amplifier. The volume adjust system helps with volume control. You don’t have to use your audio device to control volume. The communication cable helps you receive and speak in calls. This is when the earphones connect to a phone or tablet. The earphones also have an inline microphone and remote. They are important for seamless control over phone calls, voice commands and volume. It also supports playback for music options. The amplifier is not necessary but adds value. Especially to the poor treble’s the SE846 cannot handle.

In some instances, professionals would like to use the headphones on their equipment that have larger sockets.

Among other features included when you buy the SE846 is a 4.5mm adapter pin that can join with the 3.5mm pin. Once joined, the 4.5mm pin can now fit in a 4.5mm audio socket. The fact makes the earphones compatible with almost all gadgets.

When you’re sick of using your 3.5mm audio cable, you still get access to a Bluetooth 4.1 communication cable. The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity allows the user to pair with different gadgets. They include phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops among other electronics. The wireless connectivity gives a range of about 10 meters and a battery life of about 8 hours.

Other features that come with the great piece of engineering are:

  • premium carrying case
  • ¼ inch adapter
  • clothing clip
  • polishing cloth
  • assorted types of earplugs for best fit
  • nozzle removal key


Spending over $700 for headphones can seem a lot, but given its talented system, they are formidable to justify that kind of outlay.

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