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SONY WHL600 – Great For TV Watching

Do you love listening to your favorite TV shows and movies with wireless headphones? If you do, then Sony’s newest product is for you! Called the Digital Surround Wireless WHL600, this innovative device has a range of up to 98.43-ft so that listeners can enjoy their content comfortably from any room in the house or even outside on their porch. The WHL600 also features immersive surround sound as well as theater mode which allows users to watch films without disturbing those around them!


  • Decoding format: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS
  • Dimension (approx.): 5.71 x 10.94 x 7.40″
  • Input(s): HDMI (ARC), Optical, Audio in (analog stereo mini plug)
  • Power: AC power adapter
  • Power Consumption: 4.2 W
  • Signal reception distance: Max. 98.43 ft
  • Surround effect: THEATER, GAME, SPORTS, VOICE
  • Transfer band: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
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  • Battery Charge Method: with dedicated Transmitter
  • Battery Charge Time: Approx. 6.0 hrs
  • Battery Life: MAX.17.0 hrs
  • Battery Life (continuous music playback time): MAX. 17 hrs

Size & Weight


11.29 oz

General Features

Wearing Style


Volume Control


Headphone Type

Closed Dynamic


Design is the first connection between a customer and a product. Upon opening, I am immediately unimpressed by the feel of low quality materials. I must say it is not that bad as WHRF400, but still not good enough. The adjustable stand is flimsy and the connector cable feels indecisive in its hold – disappointed already that it may not stay connected if left on the stand.

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Comfort Wearing the Headphones

Ear cups are made of lightweight materials. These Headphones are a new type of headphone that can be worn with ease during any show or movie. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours and you almost forget you have them. Unfortunately, after some time especially in the warm environment, they become sweaty.

The WHL600 has close buttons, making it difficult for me to tell which button does what. In SONY they should consider redesigning their product so that we can distinguish between the different buttons and adjust each one easily without having to remove the headset from the head.

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We all want to watch movies and TV shows with great sound, right? And this is where The Sony WHL600 comes into play. This wireless headphone delivers immersive, high-quality audio. It’s perfect for watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game.

You deserve the best in entertainment. Luckily with the Sony WH-600, you can enjoy all of your movies and TV shows with the perfect sound. This wireless headset delivers amazing surround sound that sounds like a movie theater experience.

Truly frankly this is what I expect from the headset made for watching TV. To have an experience like I am in the cinema. To forget about everything around you. To be in the middle of the scene… You know what I mean. And this is what these headphones gave me.

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This is, where these headphones also come into greatness. As there are lots of possibilities to connect devices, it is useful to have one with possibilities to connect.

HDMI, Optical audio, 0,14″ (3,5mm – my favorite) stereo. You can have all of them and can connect your headphones to the TV without the need for any converter.

After 20 minutes without sound, the wireless headphones go into sleep mode. If you have a long phone call, you will need to get up and switch the button on the transmitter to reconnect.

How Does The Controls Work?

The TV in this way switched to the sound settings of the headphones and memorized the volume control settings. You can also adjust headphone volume with the TV remote! Whenever you put your headphones back on their charger, they’ll automatically switch back to the TV speakers without having to do anything.

Sony WHL600 – Latency

The latency of the wireless headphones can be annoying sometimes. When you’re watching your favorite movie with your wireless headphones, it can be annoying when there’s a delay between the sound coming out of your TV set and going into your ear.

WHL600 wireless headphones are ideal for this kind of situation because they have no latency and that helps you enjoy your favorite media without distractions.

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I hope you have found this article useful. If you are looking for the perfect headphone for watching TV, look no further! We’ve tried to cover everything from sound quality to latency and connectivity so there should definitely be something on here for everyone. Happy TV watching!

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